Ashley Bush



Ashley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with ten years of experience in therapy and social services, supporting children, adolescents, adults, and families experiencing a variety of existential obstacles. Ashley holds a master’s degree in Social Work and graduate certificate in Infant Mental Health. Ashley is trained in psychodynamic, developmental, play, attachment-based, and trauma-informed clinical interventions. She has experience providing individual, family, and caregiver-child specific therapy, and believes that strengthening relationships (with self, partners, peers, and/or parents) is paramount for healthy behavior and emotional improvement. Ashley places strong emphasis on biopsychosocial circumstances that impact functioning and less on analyzing or labeling clients in terms of diagnoses. She works alongside her clients in considering how systems, dynamics, relationships, and adverse experiences impact a person’s quality of life. She sees her therapeutic role as a partner who joins individuals and families in exploration and quest for contentment and resilience.

Building Connections

Ashley identifies as a white, middle class, cis-gender woman who is dedicated to being a “good ancestor,” (Saad, Layla) building a world that is more equitable, just, and grounded in love and authenticity. Ashley values humor, vulnerability, bravery, and genuineness in her practice as well as in her own personal life. She has immense admiration for anyone who is willing to be introspective, reflective, and motivated to improve their lives. Ashley believes that by being open to personal evolution, repairing relationships, becoming more in touch with our bodies, slowing down, and investing in connection with our world, we can collectively improve our mental well-being.