Catherine Murray


Cultivating Growth

Catherine Murray is a Clinical Social Worker specializing in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health. Supporting children in their thinking, feeling, and relating is the most joyful and meaningful work that Catherine could imagine! She has worked as a clinician in the Chicago area for 18 years, with a focus on children and their families from birth onward. She balances her love for play-based and insight-oriented psychotherapy with teaching and consultation in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health, Social Work, and DIR/Floortime. She worked for over ten years in community-based mental health which lay a foundation for working with all families in a way that deeply honors each family’s unique ways of managing stress or adversity, as well as ways of cultivating growth for and meaningful connections with their children.


Therapy should feel like a safe harbor where we can talk through the meaning of challenges in life and sort through how to make changes in relationships or coping. She approaches therapy with the hope that even the most painful and challenging of situations can improve, and that having the opportunity to explore those experiences with caring support and curiosity, is a part of what helps.


Catherine’s training and clinical experience includes addressing childhood trauma, relational and attachment issues between parents and children, supporting children with developmental delays through family play- & relationship-based interventions (DIR/Floortime), exploring the impact of past generation’s trauma or adversity on parenting and relationships, and working through the stress, grief, anger, sadness, pain, and worry that happens throughout each of our lives in unique ways.


So often, we feel alone as we struggle with the hard things of life. Catherine values and tries to focus on how humor, warmth, empathy, connection, and curiosity help us to feel okay exploring what is meaningful. What each person and family have been through is important to sort through, together we can understand how those experiences shape how each person approaches the present and future. Catherine believes that therapy begins with a simple conversation to find a rhythm and connection that feels safe enough to talk through what is important to you about life, relationships, and the future.




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