Emma Burzycki



As an individual I believe that humans are ever evolving, and as we grow, we become our true self through establishment of identity on the unpredictable journey we call life. Our minds and our bodies are both intertwined to create a unique holistic being.  As a therapist I use an eclectic theoretical orientation that often incorporates mindfulness-based meditation, nature, and art making into sessions. I believe meditative processes can be replicated through art making as a tool to connect us to our rhythmic system of movements within our mind and body. We as humans are made up of many parts that we can work as individual pieces to create our best holistic self.  


Creative expression is an avenue to self-identity that I believe can be significant for exploration of one’s growth and development. Using artistic processes as an avenue to visualization of the  establishment  of passions and goals can help to quantify such aspirations into action. Art making can be both emotionally explorative and a therapeutic regulation tool for emotions, both will serve you best during our work together. I welcome and encourage both methods of creation to weave together the pieces of your ever evolving self. 

Fun Fact: Art and Travel are both ways that I connect with all aspects of myself. During 2018 I solo traveled South and Central America which was a journey of growth and establishment of my goals and passion toward becoming an art therapist.