Julie Roubal


Our Future

Julie Roubal is Licensed Professional Counselor who focuses on providing support to children and adolescents. She works with youth presenting with anxiety, academic issues, interpersonal problems, family conflict, depression, trauma, self-esteem issues, and self-harm. When necessary, Julie believes collaborating with the client’s other supports can best help the client and set them up for success. It is her goal when working with children and adolescents to create a safe, supportive, fun, non-judgmental space to address mental health concerns.


In the therapeutic safe space, a person can expect to process their experiences and emotions, while also developing skills to help them in their daily lives. Julie’s therapeutic approach would be described as integrative, using different approaches depending on the client and their needs. Her belief is that therapy approaches should be flexible; it’s not “one size fits all” because everyone is different. Julie uses different components of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Expressive Arts when working with children and adolescents.


Fun fact: Julie has a dog named Puppy; his name came about because no one in the family could think of a name…so it just stuck after 12 years!