Katy Howe



Katy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over ten years experience working in community based social service agencies and healthcare settings. She has experience supporting adolescents, young adults, and older adults, in an individual and group setting. Katy is trained in helping to manage feelings of depression, anxiety, adjustment to life changes, and being present for individuals as they work through the challenges of personal growth and the focus of living a meaningful life. She has extensive experience supporting individuals with chronic healthcare challenges, as well as working with clients surrounding thoughts about sexual identity, gender identity and presentation, and the meaning of establishing a sense of self. She practices trauma-informed care and recognizes the unique history that each client possesses.

Creating Space

Katy welcomes anyone who is interested in exploring themselves, their challenges, personal goals, identity, individuality or belonging to a family/relationship/community. She sees her role as a therapist as being a partner to her clients as they work towards gaining clarity, while providing active listening and empowering her clients to explore their thoughts and emotions. Katy uses tools such as guided meditation, breathing exercises, and creativity to help her clients settle into the practice of personal growth and self-awareness. She values laughter in sessions, while also making space for times of silent reflection. Above all else, Katy is dedicated to providing a space that feels safe for her clients to explore and transform.