Tricia Sybesma



Tricia Sybesma is a licensed clinical social worker whose 17 years in the field have been devoted to working with children, adolescents, individuals, and families in a variety of settings. She has extensive experience with developmental assessments, attachment work, child and family therapy, and supporting individuals and families through stressful adjustments, including divorce, co-parenting, depression, and anxiety. In addition, Tricia has also worked with individuals and families experiencing adoption, children and adolescents with medical conditions, adults and children recovering from intimate partner violence, children in a psychiatric hospital setting, and families involved in the child welfare system.


Tricia’s experience and education have centered around infant and early childhood mental health, with a mindful emphasis on how experiences across the life span affect current circumstances and relationships. She is influenced by psychodynamic and relational theories, with a special interest in the importance of early experiences and their effect on behavior and brain development. She has training in psychodynamic play therapy, child-parent psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and others.

Tricia’s goal in her work is to help individuals gain understanding of themselves and their experiences, and therefore a more peaceful and enjoyable connection with themselves, those they are in relationship with, and their surroundings. She seeks to put the therapeutic relationship at the forefront and utilize it as an agent for change, giving voice to the exceptional and important work it is to learn and grow.